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1999 Mustang Mare
Priced at $1,300 (negotiable)

Esperanza is an approximately 19 year old bay Mustang Mare. She was originally a wild, free ranging Mustang in Nevada before coming to Ohio at approximately 6 years of age. She came through a private rescue effort so she is not freeze branded by the BLM. She requires a confident intermediate to advanced rider and has a few quirks! She is very responsive to cues and rides bitless. She is not considered to be a finished riding horse, but she is more than green broke. She will ride the same no matter how much time she gets off. She is direct reined. She prefers trail riding over arena work and is confident through most natural obstacles such as streams, forests, etc. She prefers to walk or jog but will lope if following other horses. She will trail ride alone or in a group. She does NOT like when other horses ride up right behind her and has been known to kick. She loads and trailers well. She requires an intermediate to advanced rider due to her tendency to have some spunk. She is good for the farrier but does not like needles or dewormer! She is up to date on dental floating, deworming, and vaccinations as of May 2018. This girl needs her own trail buddy! Please call or text Ashley for further information at 330-388-2072 or via email svfarm2014@gmail.com

Esperanza's Videos

Esperanza Walking and Jogging

Esperanza Stopping and Backing

****************Our Colts and Stallions****************

*Incendio SV*

Rambo's first winter (weanling year)

Rambo at almost one and a half years old

2020 PFHA Grand National Show - Third National Champion Bella Forma Colts 3 Years & Under

Incendio SV (Atrevido de Premier HG x La India QC) is a stocky, handsome, well gaited 2018 bay roan Paso Fino colt. His bloodlines include Premier de Chapiro, Profeta de Besilu, and Plebeyo. He is an absolute joy to have around the farm. We are very excited about this colt's future! As a two year old he was Third National Champion Bella Forma Colts 3 Years & Under at the Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Show.

*Llamativo de Atrevido*

Tivo at two years old

Llamativo de Atrevido (Atrevido de Premier HG x Triana GV) is a tall, flashy, well gaited 2018 dun roan Paso Fino colt. His bloodlines include Premier de Chapiro, Icon de Vista, and Confidente de Sol Reye. He is owned by McKenzie Frase. As a two year old he was Reserve National Champion Bella Forma Colts 3 Years & Under at the Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Show.

********************Our Geldings********************

*Alejandre GV*

Ashley & Al on a Halloween Trail Ride.........Ashley & Al in a Parade

Alejandre GV (Retorno de Lido x Chatita del Palacio) is a well gaited pleasure Paso Fino gelding that has been with Ashley since he was born. He thoroughly enjoys participating in trail rides and parades. He also loves to give riders their first ride on a Paso Fino to experience the smooth as silk gaits! If you've never had the chance to ride a Paso before, schedule a demo ride today!

********************Our Mares********************

*Deyanera de Paz*

Ashley and Deyanera at Mohican State Park...........Deyanera de Paz

Deyanera de Paz (Navideno Dos x Candilada de Paz) is a beautiful dark bay Paso Fino mare. She has previous show points in both pleasure and performance divisions. She has a lot of front end action. She is a fantastic trail horse and has a very level temperament in all situations! She is a granddaughter of Terremoto de Manizales and we are excited to see what she will produce as a broodmare.

*Isabella de la Richuelo*

Izzy and I enjoying our arena (top)
Izzy and I at the Heritage Show August 2017 (bottom)

Isabella de la Richuelo (Joyero de La Hacienda x Rosa Hermosa Dos) is a beautiful dun Paso Fino mare. She has previous show points in the pleasure division and Ashley hopes to continue competing in the show ring with her. She has a lot of brio and loves to work. She is a granddaughter of both Capuchino and Amadeus.

*La India QC*

La India QC (top) and La India QC with Incendio SV (bottom)

La India QC (Carnito QC x La Perla de Plebeyo QC) is a beautiful black Paso Fino mare. She has previous show points in both pleasure and performance divisions. Due to an injury she can no longer be ridden but she is an absolute sweetheart and is very well gaited. She is a granddaughter of Profeta de Besilu and Plebeyo. India was bred to the bay roan performance stallion Atrevido de Premier HG for a 2018 foal. She gave us a handsome, very well gaited bay roan colt named Incendio SV (pending). He is our first homebred foal and we are excited for his future!


Esperanza.......................................................................Silly Mustang!

Esperanza is a mustang mare that originally came from Nevada. She does not have a freeze brand. She and her herd mates were fenced in by a cattle rancher trying to protect his cattle grazing lands. A few rescue groups stepped in to divide and adopt out the trapped group of mustangs. She was captured and then adopted by Ashley in 2005. She has gone from completely untouchable to being ridable. She definitely still has her quirks though!

********************Our Boarders********************

*Karli and El Fuego del Mistico (Slash)*

Karli and Slash, a registered Paso Fino gelding, competed at the 2020 Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Show. They earned the titles of National Champion Pleasure Youth 16-17 Years and Third Grand National Champion Pleasure Youth. Look for more accomplishments next year!

*Mandy and CF Wicked Fancy Bonanza (Outlaw)*

Mandy and Outlaw, a registered Paint gelding, are very competitive on the show circuit. Watch for them competing in various events throughout the year!

*******************Sold Horses*******************

Congrats to Norman on his forever horse, Virtual de los Chalos! Happy trails!

Congrats to Sandy on her new equine partner, Santiago RA!

Congrats to the Hopson family on their new equine partner, Espiritu de La Noche GV!

Congrats to our boarder on their new equine partner, La Reina de Taino!

*******************Rainbow Bridge*******************


Relaxed Rosie.......................................................................Rosie

Member of the SVF family since 2014

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