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Rick Meyer Clinic 2019

Joe, Rick, Ashley, and McKenzie Gearing Up for an Awesome Clinic!

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Outlaws for helping with the clinic!

On June 1 and 2 2019, we hosted a horsemanship and mounted shooting clinic with Rick Meyer of Royal Oak Ranch. Clinic participants learned a lot about proper equitation, the correct way to communicate effectively with the horse, and more! The Northern Ohio Outlaws, an all-breed mounted shooting group, gave a fantastic demo during the mounted shooting portion of the clinic. Clinic participants got to learn about gun safety, how to properly and safely begin to acclimate the horse to the sound of gunfire, and more! Everyone had a blast!For more event pictures, check out our Facebook page. We are hoping to host another exciting clinic next year!

Gascon Horsemanship Clinic 2018

Joe, Michael, and Ashley Gearing Up for an Awesome Clinic!

Everyone had a blast at our very first Gascon Horsemanship Clinic! Each participant learned valuable information about the best way to communicate with his or her horse. Jet, the rescued Quarter Horse stallion, was even featured on the Facebook page for Michael Gascon - The Horse Guru! For more event pictures, check out our Facebook page. We are hoping to host another exciting clinic next year!

Equine Affaire 2018

Ashley and Virtual preparing for a demo in front of the farm table!

McKenzie riding Virtual during the first demo of the event!

Cheri Prill on Patrona, Ashley Misner on Virtual, and Alfredo Rizo-Patron on Petunia in front of a large crowd!

Equine Affaire is a yearly event held in Columbus that celebrates everything horse related! We were invited to participate this year to share our love of the Paso Fino breed. Virtual de Los Chalos served as our demo horse and did a fantastic job representing the breed. We were part of a group of 10 Paso Fino horses and riders. We look forward to participating again next year!

Uniontown Lions Festival Parade 2017

Jackie walking Luna, Sierra riding Oso, Ashley riding Alejandre, Mandy walking Dora, and Laura riding Obie

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the parade this year! We had 5 horses from Scenic View Farm plus 3 outside horses that joined us for a total of 8 horses. We also had a large group on the float behind the tractor plus one very stubborn goat. We are very excited to participate again next year!

Painting Party July 2017

We had a blast at the first farm painting party! You can visit "Art by Laura McCartney" on Facebook to schedule a painting party of your very own!

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