ADGA Nubian Goats

Scenic View Farm Cinco is a registered Nubian buckling that was born on May 5 2019. He has been disbudded and is up to date on his CDT vaccines. He is currently intact but can be castrated if desired. He is very friendly and is a half brother to all of the other kids pictured on this page. He would make a fantastic 4H project! Priced at $200.

2018 Buckling "Scenic View Farm Mack"

2017 Nubian Kids - Olive, Sweet Pea, and Popeye (Left to Right)

The 2017 Kids Enjoying the First Day Out!

Scenic View Farm Sweet Pea-2017 Doeling

Crystal Moon Acres Jenny as a kid (dam of our goat kids shown above)

Gump - Our Hilarious Farm Mascot as a Kid

Gump is our resident goofball wether (castrated male goat). He enjoys keeping Jenny company and they are the best of friends.

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